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Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill

Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill
閒散農家的亂碼技能, Yurufuwa Noka No Mojibake Skill, ゆるふわ農家の文字化けスキル, Slow-Life Farmer's Random Skills

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Seinen
Published: 2019
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #722
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Tatsuya, a 29-year-old bachelor, gets accidentally summoned to another world and obtains [Agricultural Skills]. In order to survive, he starts a vegetable garden in a secluded forest. He thought that his life in another world would be extremely difficult, but the ingredients in this other world were delicious and the crops he grew on his own were also very delicious! Furthermore, he's also very happy with the dishes he made with Japanese seasonings! Typical. Rice and sake are going to be a staple apparently, but you guys know the drill. Besides, if there are beautiful brides, isn't it okay if he lives in this other world? Loose and fluffy, a relaxing other world harem life!!