Yami no Naka no Crown

Yami no Naka no Crown
Crown in the Darkness, Crown of the Darkness, Crown of the Middle of Darkness, The Crown Amidst Darkness, The Crown of the Dark Center, Yami no Naka no Clown, Yami no Naka no Kuraun, 异色北冕战歌, 異色北冕戰歌, 闇の中のクラウン

Origination: Manga
Artists: L Bushi
Authors: Fusoku Jinrui
Status: Cancelled
Ranked: #19,528 (followed by 310 users another source)
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Everyone in the world is born with two things: the ability to collect Life's Light and a Light Vessel in which to collect and hold it. Most people use their vessels to assist them in doing various tasks, but occasionally someone is born with a vessel that allows them to do battle.

The protagonist, Ruyu, stumbles upon the end of a battle only to find one survivor. Could the young boy she saved be connected to the king's men who entered the town with the intent of killing everyone?

NOTE: Publication of this series was moved to a Chinese magazine. The number of chapters published in the Asuka magazine before discontinuing its publication of Yami no Naka no Crown is 6.