The Justice of a Villainous Woman

The Justice of a Villainous Woman
What It Takes to Be a Villainess, Cerminan Jiwa, Definicion de una dama malvada, Definition of a Bad Lady, Definition of a Wicked Girl, La justicia de una dama villana, Méchante malgré moi, The Justice of a Villainous Woman, The Justice of Villainous Woman, 恶女的定义, 悪女の定義, 악녀의 정의, What It Takes to Be a Villain, Agnyeoui Jeong-ui

Origination: Manhwa
Demographic: Shoujo
Artists: Min (redice)
Authors: JU Hyeon
Published: 2018
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #1,080 (followed by 18,698 users another source)
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    With a broken heart, Hwayoung falls headfirst into the river by accident but wakes up as infamous villainess Satiana Altisee Kaylon. Coming to terms with her new life as sole daughter of House Kaylon, Satiana is soon chosen as a candidate for the next empress! In the palace full of schemers and liars, she must become a cold-blooded villainess to win her royal seat by the crown prince - or her new family will face grave danger! Will being perfectly evil really be enough? ‘Cause even villains need love!