The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, but…

The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, but…
Le héros m'a soudain proposé, mais…, Yuusha-sama ni Ikinari Kyuukon sareta no desu ga, 勇者様にいきなり求婚されたのですが, 我突然被勇者大人求婚了

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shoujo
Published: 2015
Status: Hiatus
Ranked: #2,509
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A certain beautiful princess was captured by a demon king, and a hero went out with his party of adventurers to rescue her. When he returned successfully, he asked for marriage as his reward… but not with the princess, with her maidservant Aria Milford! Aria was as shocked as anyone else, since she quite happily considers herself a minor character in this story! The hero is determined to win her hand and her heart, but what will she do about it?