Tenshu ni Sumu Oni / Gunji

Tenshu ni Sumu Oni / Gunji

Tenshu ni Sumu Oni / Gunji

Ballad Of Oeyama, Demon Living A Castle Tower, Demon Trapped In The Tower, 天守に棲む鬼/軍次

Origination: Manga Japanese
Genres: Yaoi, Historical
Published: 2005
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📖 Ongoing
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    "Tensyu-ni-Sumu-Oni" (Demon living a castle tower)
    On japanese Samurai age, a brave castellan Kagetora was being held captive in a dungeon as a sex slave by the hands of a wronged vassal.
    3 years ago, Kagetora was rescued by his half brother Yoshinori, but Yoshinori keep Kagetora in a catsle's tower, and starts to train him as the wronged vassal did...

    At a high-class Japanese-style restaurant, a scion of restaurant Shigeto loved a cook Gunji. But Gunji was a lover of Shigeto's father.
    When the after the father died, Shigeto wants to make Gunji to his lover, but Gunji can't forget his dead master.
    Unreturned love makes Shigeto turn to a sadistic person...
    Include 5 all episodes ("Gunji", "Kizuato", "Syuu", "Kakou part 1" & "Kakou part 2").

    - "Zutto-Sukida-to-Ienakute" (Cannot say "I love you" )
    One day, a football jock who has had a crush on his junior in school tells the junior how he feels.
    But this confession turns him to become the junior's slave...

    - "Hairy Oracle"
    The story of a police detective who has a psychic power what to see the hints to crack a case by anal fucked and auto ejaculation...

    - "Mesubuta-no-Tengoku" ( Bitch's Heaven )
    On WW2, in north Italy, Padre Giuliano decides to become a sex slave of his enemies to rescue the life of his village's people from the hands of Nazi...

    - "Oeyama-Kitan" (Tales of Oeyama or The Beast of Oe)
    On japanese middle age of BC 900, the passing love story between a young japanese Samurai and a drifted Viking...