Tearmoon Empire Story

Tearmoon Empire Story
La Historia del Imperio Tearmoon, ティアムーン帝国物語 ~断頭台から始まる、姫の転生逆転ストーリー, Tearmoon Empire Story - The Reincarnation Reversal Story of the Princess, Starting from the Guillotine, Tiamūn teikoku monogatari ~ dantōdai kara hajimaru, hime no tensei gyakuten sutōrī

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shoujo
Published: 2019
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #454
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In the Tearmoon Empire, the disdained selfish princess Mia was sentenced to death – or at least, she was supposed to be! Instead, she woke up as her twelve-year-old self??

To avoid the guillotine in her second life, she won't repeat her past failures…

"F-for me, something of this level is an easy task!"

Ultimate self-defense! Strongest self-awareness!

Using her previously clumsy, timid princess image, she will go against fate- a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy of fixing history!

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