Song in Cloud

Song in Cloud
Song in the Clouds, Yun Zhong Ge, 云中歌

Origination: Simplified Chinese
Artists: HeHe
Authors: 桐华
Published: 2015
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #19,525 (followed by 310 users another source)
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    Stranded in the desert, Liu Fu meets Yun Ge, a girl wearing green who came from nowhere sitting upon a snowy white camel. The two promise to meet in ten years. However, when Yun Ge goes to Chang An to see him, he has forgotten all about their promise, and on top of that seems to be in love with another beautiful girl. Just as Yun Ge is about to go back home, she meets Meng Jue. Just when Yun Ge thinks her life is about to get better, she is thrown into a world full of battling for the throne...


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