Shinyuu to Watashi no Suki na Hito

Shinyuu to Watashi no Suki na Hito

Shinyuu to Watashi no Suki na Hito

...Suki, …Suki, I Will Forever Love You, My Best Friend and My Crush, Someone We Love, Zutto Zutto Daisuki, ป่วนหัวใจให้หลงรัก, 心友と私のスキな人

Origination: Manga Japanese
Demographic: Shoujo
Genres: Romance
Artists: Yagami Rina
Authors: Yagami Rina
Published: 2011
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
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    She was her best friend and he was her first love... she didn't plan to change that. Ayu and Kaho was friend since kindergarten. They were the exact opposite and even if both them were cute, they hated men. But one day, Kaho found someone she loved. "Why? I was the one in your heart before..."
    "Let's play football" said a boy that Ayu never saw before. But, she felt her heart beating so fast and hurting so hard. It was the beginning of her first love...

    Includes oneshots:
    Chapter 4) ...Suki
    It happened by accident... my first kiss, with Naohara-kun... 6 years passed, but that awkward feeling didn't go away.

    Chapter 5) Zutto Zutto Daisuki (I Will Forever Love You)
    In the winter of my second year of high school, I had an unforgettable love. I really, really like you very much...but at that time I couldn't protect you. I'm sorry Ema.