Ryoumin 0-nin Start no Henkyou Ryoushusama

Ryoumin 0-nin Start no Henkyou Ryoushusama
The Population of the Frontier Owner Starts With 0. "Dias the Blue" and a Blue-Horned Girl., Ryoumin 0-nin Start no Henkyou Ryoushu-sama ~Ao no Dias to Soukaku no Otome~, 領民0人スタートの辺境領主様 ~青のディアスと蒼角の乙女~, Население приграничного владения начинается с нуля. «Диас Синий» и голуборогая девушка, 領民0人スタートの辺境領主様, Zeronin

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shounen
Published: 2018
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #302
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Dias fulfilled his parents' will to help others, and kept fighting on the battlefield to that end. Now known as the "Savior Hero" from his long wartime career, he was rewarded with a vast territory from the king. After having met the horned Kijin (鬼人) girl Aruna who lives there, he begins his new slow life as a lord, seeking to thrive in spite of increasingly realizing that he was rewarded with the short end of the stick.