Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!

Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!
Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!, Пожалуйста, иди домой, Акуцу!, Kaette kudasai, Akutsu-san!, 请你回去吧!阿久津同学, Kaette kudasai! Akutsu-san, ヤンキー娘, Пожалуйста, иди домой, Акуцу-сан!, Yankee Musume, 帰ってください! 阿久津さん

Origination: Manga
Published: 2019
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #56 (followed by 71,242 users another source)
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    Ooyama-kun normally doesn’t get involved with Akutsu-san, a delinquent girl in his class, but for some reason she makes his house her hang-out place! Will Ooyama do something horrible to her behind closed doors or will he chase her out? But dealing with Akutsu-san’s sexy, cute behavior in such a confined space… he’s sure to get flustered! He wants her to go home, but he also doesn’t? A teasing comedy under a single roof!