Only One

Only One
オンリー・ワン, 我就是爱你, 17세의 패러독스, 17岁的Paradox, 17歲的Paradox, 17歳のパラドクス, A 17 Year-Old's Paradox, La paradoja de los 17 años, Mousou Praizu!, Only You (MOEGI Yuu), 17 Sai no Paradox, 17-летний парадокс

Origination: Manga
Artists: Moegi Yuu
Authors: Moegi Yuu
Published: 2012
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #21,032 (followed by 261 users another source)
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    A collection of short stories:

    1. Only You
    Accused of being a molester, Mochizuki gets saved by the gentlemanly Nagakura, and their friendship begins...

    2. Only One
    Following his divorce and subsequent loss of his apartment, Mochizuki moved in with Nagakura though they've barely been together for two weeks. A problem soon arises when Nagakura's colleague, Hayami, appears on the scene. Apparently Hayami is an ex-student of Mochizuki's. Just why has his appearance caused a sudden rift between the two lovers?

    3. Yasashisa no Kyori (The Gentle Distance)
    Having grown up with a pair of brothers from next door, he slowly discovers his attachment to the younger brother... Could it be love? And what is this niggling feeling he feels for the older brother?

    4. Mousou Prize! (The Delusionary Prize!)
    Shino has quite a crush on his cute tutor Akio. Akio promises Shino a reward if he can do well on his mock exams but what kind of reward is the student expecting? Will the tutor be forced to pay up?

    5. 17-sai no Paradox (A 17-Year-Old Paradox)
    Kuroe is annoyed by his always-smiling teacher, Mizushiro. "So you treat all your students equally? So annoying!" Kuroe passes his boiling point and decides to take action in this ardent and thrilling school romance.

    6. Extras
    Mizushiro tries to get Kuroe to say those magic words.