Fascinating Summer Vacation, Special Summer Vacation, ナツコイ, 夏恋

Origination: Manga Japanese
Artists: Kano Shiuko
Authors: Kano Shiuko
Published: 2006
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📖 Ongoing
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1: Natsu Koi
Beach cafe worker Ide Mitsu was dumping a female pick-up when they heard a loud slapping noise. They looked over a beach rock and saw it was his seemingly perfect classmate, Shirohara Takashi, who had his face slapped by a woman.

2: Fuyu Koi
Ide Mitsu struggles to define his three-month relationship with Shinohara Takashi, who seems to be holding himself distant. After a night out, Ide soon discovers why...

3: Roommate
A young student wakes up in the middle of the night and finds himself on top of his senior from school...

4: Parasite Versus Honey
All the students and teachers are getting antsy over a suspicious character that is hanging around school.

5: Mujina
Hiromichi spends many a nights outside his future brother-in-law's place, all in the name of gathering signs of possible infidelity. But he who stalks, is stalked in return...

6: Bull Futatabi 2001
A boy brings his childhood friend to his grandmother's place for a quick getaway.

7: Amamiya-kun – 3 Years After
It has been 3 years since his best friend graduated and left the room.