Jingi Nashi, Seinaru Otoko, With Thou, もろとも

Origination: Manga Japanese
Published: 2006
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📖 Ongoing
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    Collection of short stories:

    1. Morotomo (With Thou)
    Newly promoted managing director Masaru is besieged by the demands of work and married life. He has little patience for young half-brother, Yukio, a struggling writer. Yukio's carefree attitude to life leaves Masaru fuming, but it's his overfamiliar behaviour that leaves Masaru bothered in more ways than one.

    2. Jingi Nashi! (Without Honor!)
    Inept yakuza Sekiguchi loves getting arrested, for it's his best chance to get up close and personal with no-nonsense detective Murata. But when Murata warns him about the imminent closure of his gang, Sekiguchi faces an uncertain future. Can a guy who fantasizes about fondling the nipples of macho men in handcuffs ever go straight?

    3. Seinaru Otoko (The Holy Man)
    Pastor Andy, a missionary on a remote island, finds the brawny Taka washed up on the beach. Taka is the exact opposite of him in every way: a tough, brutish lout engaged in drug trafficking. Despite the danger, Andy offers Taka shelter and assistance - but his acts of Christian kindness conceal a dark obsession of his own.

    Extra: Matta Nashi! (Without Delay!)
    Detective Murata is determined to take charge in the bedroom. Sekiguchi wants to use handcuffs on him. Who will come out on top?