Moony - Oukaryou Trilogy

Moony - Oukaryou Trilogy

Moony - Oukaryou Trilogy

MOONY 桜花寮トリロジ-, moony 桜花寮トリロジー, Moony: Ouka Dormitory Trilogy, 櫻花寮之戀

Origination: Manga Japanese
Artists: Miyamoto Kano
Authors: Miyamoto Kano
Published: 2003
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
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1-2.) Moony
It all starts when Yuusuke Satou is forced to spend spring holidays at the dormitory along with Moriya. Then, one night Yuusuke discovers that Moriya has troubles seeing at night and while he takes care of Moriya he eventually falls in love with him, but he is worried that Moriya might not return his feelings and will hate him...

3.) Frozen
Jun Suwa notices another college student - Nozomu - who seems lonely, but possesses a beautiful profile. The two happen to attend the same party where Jun has a little too much to drink. Nozomu offers to take Jun home with him, then the night turns into a complicated romance.

4.) The Spring Moon in a Night of Cherry Blossoms
One restless spring night, Mamoru wanders the grounds of his dorm admiring the cherry blossoms when he happens upon Jun's room with an open window. He unintentionally peeps in on Jun and another man being intimate. Jun even spots Mamoru and Mamoru makes a hasty retreat. Why can't he get the images of the two men out of his head?

5.) Moon Flower
Abe finally gets a hold of a corner room in his dorm, but strange rumors of it being haunted by a long haired ghost surrounds it. Abe is undeterred, not believing in such things. Then one night, a figure appears outside his window - could the rumors be true?

6.) Extra - Waiting for the Evening Moon
Jun Suwa has just had his heart broken when the enamored Mamoru pays him a visit to cheer him up.