Match Uri

Match Uri
Macchi Uri, Macchiuri, The Match Seller, マッチ売り

Origination: Manga
Artists: Kusama Sakae
Authors: Kusama Sakae
Published: 2010
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
Ranked: #20,977 (followed by 263 users another source)
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    University student Kiyotaka Hirose finds a love letter tucked into the pages of a borrowed book. The intended recipient is a mystery, but the writer’s identity is clear: a fellow student who’s suddenly leaving Tokyo and heading back to his hometown. Hirose is determined to return the letter, and as he tries to do so he runs into a black-market match seller, Seiji Hanashiro. Drawn to each other at first sight, tangled up in destiny and their own feelings, the men see their lives turned upside down by a single love letter. The first volume of Sakae Kusama’s standalone series, Lost Letters.


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