Make Love First Time in 8 Years

Make Love First Time in 8 Years

Origination: Manga
Status: πŸ“— Completed
Translation: πŸ“– Ongoing
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Asai Sai


Asai Sai


Drama, Romance, Yaoi

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Anyone is fine

I want to be held by a man again

Naoto, a popular teacher at a famous prep school, spends his days enjoying sex with his one-night stands.

Because of his good looks, physical strength, and huge dick, he has been playing the role of the top for the past eight years.

However, Andou, a student at the prep school, sees through his desire to be bottomed by a man.

Naoto, who was forcibly embraced by Andou in a classroom, was blinded by lust and his own shameful desires were revealed, but...?