Mahou Tsukai no Namida

Mahou Tsukai no Namida

Mahou Tsukai no Namida

Mahoutsukai no Namida, Tears of a Wizard, The Wizard's Tears, 魔法使いの涙

Origination: Manga Japanese
Genres: Magic, Yaoi, Fantasy
Artists: Naono Bohra
Authors: Naono Bohra
Published: 2013
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
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    1) Mahou Tsukai no Namida
    Yoichi dies nearly every day... but every time he wake up just with a dream of his death. And why his beloved Shiraku-san appeared in these dreams?

    2) Mahou Tsukai no Shippai
    Yoichi is now living with Shiraku-san, but his air-headed behavior is still causing problems.

    3) Koi to Obake no Sodatekata
    Yorito's parents and their familiar Rurimaru died ten years ago, fighting against evil majinas; and his older brother was injured. Now it is Yorito's task to protect the village against the majinas together with his familiar Himaru. But he is still only 18 years old and Himaru is still weak. He wants desperately to grow strong and be able to protect his older brother. But it seems his older brother is keeping something from Yorito.

    4) Muchi to Obake no Shitsuke Kata
    Continuation of the story about Yorito and family familiars.

    5) Secret News
    Two talked-about newcomers to the General Affairs section are assigned to a sour-faced boss. While working day and night to protect goodwill within the company, they get their hands on some outrageous information!

    6) Mahou Tsukai no Yoru