Lime-iro Senkitan☆Jun

Lime-iro Senkitan☆Jun
Lime Iro Senkitan, Lime-Colored Exotic War Story, Lime-iro Senkitan, Lime-iro Senkitan * Jun, Lime-iro Senkitan Jun, Limeiro Senkitan, Raimuiro Senkitan, Raimuiro Senkitan *, らいむいろ戦奇譚・純, らいむいろ戦奇譚☆純 其ノ

Origination: Manga
Published: 2004
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #36,620
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Itou Ei

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Around the the 37th year of the Meiji Era (1904) in the midst of the Russo-Japanese war, the small Japanese army, in need of assistance, uses its special flying (thanks to a benevolent demon) ship, the Amanohara, to attack Russia's major base at Port Arthur (Lushun).

Umakai Shintaro, a Russian diplomat originally from Japan, defects and goes to Sapporo to teach at a girls academy. However, that girls academy is not typical - it is on board the Amanohara, and the five girls Shintaro teaches are known as the Lime Unit - girls with the ability to summon powerful beings to fight for them.

Based on the visual novel of the same name.