Kurofuku Monogatari

Kurofuku Monogatari
Kurofuku Monogo, Kurohuku, Tale of the black suits, 黒服物語

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Seinen
Artists: Narita Manabu
Published: 2005
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #20,905 (followed by 265 users another source)
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    Twenty year old Ogawa Akira is taking the medical school entrance exam for the third time when he is overwhelmed by anxiety and flees the testing room. He soon finds himself wandering the streets of Tokyo lost and exhausted. Then by chance a woman drops her earring, and he picks it up and returns it to her. He is dumbstruck by her beauty. Overhearing that her name is Kyoko and that she works at the nearby cabaret club, he promptly decides to get a job at the club, with the hope of a getting closer to her and maybe finding his place in the world.

    Adapted into a TV mini-series in 2014