Koi no Shizuku

Koi no Shizuku

Koi no Shizuku

Dripping of Love, 恋の雫, 恋的水滴

Origination: Manga Japanese
Artists: Kousaka Akiho
Authors: Kousaka Akiho
Published: 2007
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
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1-2) Dripping of Love
Maya and Narusawa, college students at the same university, start sleeping together in what was supposed to be a purely physical relationship. Maya, however, starts to fall deeper into the relationship and has started to want more. Will real love mess up the relationship they have now? The bittersweet story of two people troubled by love.

3) The Distance That Your Voice Touches
Miyakawa's upstairs neighbor Tsukasa is always dropping things onto his balcony, and of course Miyakawa has to return them, only to be fed dinner and sexually harassed! It's getting to be too much for the poor college student.

4) I Want to Embrace
High school student Takase is unwittingly drawn to cheerful energetic Sora. But as his interest and naturally protective feelings toward his friend become something deeper and more dangerous, Takase begins to pull away from Sora.

5) Shake
Kikusui is a waiter in a cafe with primarily female clientele, but lately a handsome man in a black suit has been coming around. Miyamamo has no sense of personal space and a crush on Kikisui.

Extra) Voice of Answer to You
Maya and Narusawa.

Polish / Polski:
W dwóch pierwszych chaptereach poznajemy Maye i Narusawe, którzy studiują na tej samej uczelni. Są ze sobą blisko, ale ich związek opiera się głównie na seksie. Maya natomiast od jakiegoś czasu pragnie czegoś więcej. Czy Narusawa jest w stanie mu to ofiarować?