Kiss to Koukai

Kiss to Koukai
Beloved Senpai-sama, Give Me Your button, Half Gone, Love Remains, Kiss and Regret, Ikenai Koto, Itoshii no Senpai-sama, Kieta Hanbun, Nokotta Real, Kimi no Button Kudasai, Kiss to Koukai, Something I Shouldn't Do

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shoujo
Artists: Nanao Mio
Authors: Nanao Mio
Published: 2009
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
Ranked: #19,167 (followed by 324 users another source)
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    Kiss to Koukai (Kisses and Regrets)
    The distance between us wouldn't diminish. It's painful, lonely, and my heart squeezes in pain. At that time, if I had been more honest, would it change anything...? Yeah, right. That's why this time, so I won't regret it, I'll...

    Itoshii no Senpai-sama (Beloved Senpai-sama)
    Hinako is the only girl to receive special attention from Katsuragi-senpai, the popular Kyuudo club president protected by his male club-member guards from all girls, not just fangirls. But Hinako's preferential treatment resembles nothing so much as a senior's spartan training of a junior. At first happy over how Katsuragi-senpai diligently takes time to teach her "many things," Hinako later questions why her so-called enviable position saddens her.

    Ikenai Koto (Something I Shouldn't Do)
    Yui vehemently refuses to have her little brother's friend Haruka stay over at her house for the three days his parents are away...

    Kimi no Button Kudasai (Give Me Your button)
    Yuki plays pranks on Tomoya because she likes him. Her last one before they graduate: writing Suki (I like you) on the back of his gakuran's second button. What is Yuki supposed to do when Tomoya says "Yes" to another girl before graduation?

    Kieta Hanbun, Nokotta Real (Half Gone, Love Remains)
    A broken school festival sign and a common love for music makes best buds out of Naru and Yamato. That is until Naru loses all hearing in her right ear and she keeps her condition from Yamato a secret...

    [PL] Dzielący nas dystans się nie zmieniejszy. Ta świadomość sprawia, że moje serce boleśnie się kurczy i usycha z samotności. Czy na pewno nie mogę nic z tym zrobić? Może jest nadzieja? Muszę spróbować.


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