Kanojo no Honnou

Kanojo no Honnou

Kanojo no Honnou

Her Instinct, 彼女の本能, 桃色心机爱上你

Origination: Manga Japanese
Demographic: Shoujo
Artists: Sakurada Hina
Authors: Sakurada Hina
Published: 2007
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
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  • Kanojo no Honnou
    Her Instinct
    "I want to crush every love that began with a love letter."
    Natsume began a relationship with a love letter. 3 months later, she got dumped. As she's walking home, she bumps into her classmate Aji-kun who's on his way to give a girl a love letter. Natsume decides to crush that love...

  • Todoketai
    Want to Reach You
    "At home, along with the thoughs that make me choke inside... there's the 'make-believe family' that I have to pretend to be a part of..."
    Mana hates going home to a house with no one in it... but when her mother decides to remarry, Mana begins to hate going home even more. Because at home, there's Shin.

  • Mekakushi no Joousama
    The Blindfolded Princess
    "I'm the queen of the library... if I'm seen, I'll disappear."
    Inoue Yoriko can't refuse when people ask her for things, so she gets bullied at school. The only reason she goes, is to see Maki - the guy she loves. She thinks he hate her, so she can't confess to him. But when he hears her voice in the library, and tells her he loves it, will Yoriko decide to show her face or stay hidden forever?

  • Multi-Vitamin
    "You are just.... A vitamin drug."
    That's what Ichimiya Ai says to a guy right before she dumps him. As she is walking in the hall, she sees her junior sleeping against the wall... but why is her heart beating just looking at him? When the guy, Natsu, asks her out, she accepts... but something feels different about him...

  • Lovex2 de Kishi
    Love Love Knight
    "Quickly, throw me away already! Don't hurt me more than you already have..."
    When Satsuki Mio confesses to the insanely popular ''Knight-kun'', she is so nervous she totally messes up (it's her first time confessing). Amused by her pureness, Knight-kun asks her to be his lover. At first, Mio can't believe she has such a good catch for her first boyfriend... but what if he doesn't really love her?

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