Iwa kakeru! -Climbing Girls-

Iwa kakeru! -Climbing Girls-
攀岩, Hang On! -Climbing Girls-, Iwa kakeru! Climbing Girls, Скалолазки, いわかける! ―Climbing Girls―

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shounen
Published: 2017
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #3,781
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The two manga center around girls who compete in sport climbing, particularly climbing artificially constructed walls while making full use of one's mind and body. First-year high school student Konomi Kasahara discovered this sport at Hanamiya Girls' High School after training her mind with puzzle games during junior high school. Her life changed the moment she stumbled across her new school's climbing wall, which led her into the school's climbing team.