Isekai De Te Ni Ireta Seisan Skill Wa Saikyou Datta You Desu

Isekai De Te Ni Ireta Seisan Skill Wa Saikyou Datta You Desu
異世界で手に入れた生産スキルは最強だったようです。, Isekai de Te ni Ireta Seisan Skill wa Saikyou datta You desu, It Seems the Production Skill Acquired in Another World is the Strongest., My Isekai Crafting Powers Are Stronk, 異世界で手に入れた生産スキルは最強だったようです。 ~創造&器用のWチートで無双する~

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shounen
Artists: Mizuki Shion
Authors: TOONO Konoe
Published: 2019
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #539 (followed by 31,441 users another source)
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    Kou Kousaka is an ordinary salaryman working overtime in a black company when a totally unprecedented event happens: he dies and is sent to another world.

    Unlike those other isekai novels where the main character decides to be a hero or a demon lord, Koko here doesn’t care for any of that. The isekai system rewards his lack of choice with several powers which have never been seen before: the ability to store items in a limitless inventory, immediately dismantle them into materials, and then use them to create something new.

    How will our completely unique hero survive in this new world?

    Serious description (Not that far from the one above):
    29 year old corporate slave Kousaka Kou is randomly transported to another world and gifted some standard skills. He has the option to be the sage, hero, or demon king. He chooses none of them and acquires a secret skill. With the skill, "Creation," and the hidden skill, he starts his life as an adventurer.

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