Iinazuke Ryokan

Iinazuke Ryokan
Beloved Mantleman, Fiancé Inn, Fiance Hotel, Naisho no Doukyonin, Secret Housemate, 許嫁旅館, 许嫁旅馆

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shoujo
Artists: SHIMAKI Ako
Authors: SHIMAKI Ako
Published: 2005
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
Ranked: #24,648 (followed by 175 users another source)
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    Collection of three short stories.

  • Fiancé Inn
    "Sanae has a fiance? Moreover, he is the young owner of a big Japanese Inn. Is she marrying into money?" Sanae quickly begins her training to become a proprietress, but will she become more interested in the manager than the owner...!?

  • Naisho no Doukyonin (Secret Housemate)
    Sweet short story of a middle school boy in love with a high school girl. She is meticulous about wanting to know everything about the person she is dating. Her emotion conflict when she meets this middle school boy, who challenges her way of thinking about relationship. The author diligently places the character in a muddled, flustered, and distraught air of insecure emotions. She feels baffled because she can't comprehend why she likes him, even though she knows nothing about him.  (From: Dragon Voice Project)

    - Also published in Chokotto H na Koi Monogatari. The translation by Dragon Voice belongs to the anthology Iinazuke Ryokan. The one by Manga Download belongs to the anthology Chokotto H na Koimonogatari. -

  • Beloved Mantleman


    Noriko sogna ancora l'amore senza segreti. Si presenta uno sconosciuto che le chiede se può vivere da lei. Noriko naturalmente rifiuta, ma il ragazzo con un ricatto la costringe ad accettare...

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