I'm Really Not the Villain

I'm Really Not the Villain
Wǒ Zhēn Bùshì Fǎnpài Dàlǎo, Wo Zhen Bushi Fanpai Dalao, I'm Truly Not the Villainous Big Shot, 我真不是反派大佬, I'm Really Not a Supervillain

Origination: Manhua
Published: 2022
Status: 📖 Ongoing
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The human world is shrouded in fear of the unknown. In order to survive, a few awakened people rose up to fight. Yilin, an unlucky man who couldn’t become a hero in time, was tragically assassinated when he killed the boss. Unexpectedly, he was born again and gained the ability of a villain leader. He was originally an ordinary man but he became the lifelong enemy of countless gods and demons. Hey, you guys, it’s too late to kneel down now…