Honey Baby

Honey Baby

Honey Baby


Origination: Manga Japanese
Published: 2004
Status: πŸ“— Completed
Translation Status: πŸ“– Ongoing
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    1-5) Honey Baby
    Already wise to the world and yet still naive to love, 14-year-old Aizawa struggles for affection from the one he loves, his 27-year-old teacher, Tachibana.

    6) S
    Kaoru is a guy who likes to play the field. He says he's in love with someone else yet in spite of this he still has sex with Junya out of convenience. Seeking pleasure, the two would meet casually several times a month to have a few drinks together and spend the night at a hotel. There was never any sort of confession, but both made known to each that this was nothing more than a sexual relationship. They still haven't gone all the way though and Kaoru never forced him. These sometimes gentle, sometimes sweet situations are starting to give Junya doubts about what their relationship really is. The tension that Junya feels from jealousy added with his uncertainty with what Kaoru feels for him confuses him further and he wonders was love ever there?

    7) That's Another Law of Love
    Kikuchi has been ruthlessly dumped by his girlfriend, and his classmate, Yada, volunteers to cheer him up. But Yada has his own secrets, which eventually come out, confusing Kikuchi. Bitterly, they both want to know, Why does Love + Sex have to be Man + Woman? Or does it just have to do with love?

    8) High Standard Impression