Hanataba ni Te o Agero!

Hanataba ni Te o Agero!

Hanataba ni Te o Agero!

Hanataba ni Te wo Agero, 花束に手をあげろ!

Origination: Manga Japanese
Genres: Yaoi, Drama, Romance
Artists: Toyama Mako
Authors: Toyama Mako
Published: 2000
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
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1-2) Hanataba ni Te o Agero
Flamboyant doctor who only dates hot guys encounters a shy, bespectacled flower enthusiast who seems quite dull at first glance.
Doctor Nakatsukawa and his various family members appear again in La Partita

3) Fake Lovers
Harajima and Eita have been pretending to be lovers for a year now. Why? Other people are suspecting something might be up.

4) Give You the Keys to This Apartment
When Wataru wakes up the morning after his girlfriend broke up with him, there is a naked man in bed next to him. And he has keys, so he's not easy to get rid of.

5) Body Talk
When Hasumi collapses in the hallway, the much-admired Yasuki-sensei carries him to the infirmary. His cool hands and voice leave a lasting impression on Hasumi, but does the teacher feel anything more for him than he would for any other student?