Gokujo. - Gokurakuin Joshikouryou Monogatari

Gokujo. - Gokurakuin Joshikouryou Monogatari
Gokujou - Gokurakuin Joshikouryou Monogatari, Gokujyo, ゴクジョ。~極楽院女子高寮物語, 极乐院女子高寮物语, Gokujo, Gokujou

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Seinen
Published: 2008
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #11,301
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A story about the humorous misadventures of Akabane Aya, an arrogant high school girl who's constantly trying to outdo her classmates in everything (especially sex appeal), only to make a fool of herself in the process.
Since the story takes place in an all-girls school, expect lots of yuri fanservice innuendos without much seriousness.