Girl's Only

Girl's Only
Endless Narcissus, Girls Only, Hidden Meaning, Maintenance, She, her, her, hers

Origination: Manga
Published: 2007
Status: πŸ“— Completed
Translation Status: πŸ“– Ongoing
Ranked: #18,043 (followed by 373 users another source)
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    A collection of 12 short stories, including:

    She, her, her, hers: by Otosaki Tsubaki
    Sakuya is shaken up by her parents' divorce and is worried that her relationship won't last forever either. Her lover, whose parents are also divorced, understands her feelings and tries to reassure her.

    Endless Narcissus: by Otosaki Tsubaki
    The protagonist wants someone who will love her and her alone, so she gets a clone of herself.

    Hidden Meaning: by Itou Chika
    A writer and an editor who are lovers. The writer keeps basing characters on her lover, and the editor wants her to stop because she's afraid that people at work will find out about their relationship.

    Maintenance: by Itou Chika
    A woman fantasizes about the mechanic who works next door to her office building. These fantasies involve being the car the mechanic is fixing.