Funky Yobikou

Funky Yobikou
Fankii Yobikou, Funky Prep School, γƒ•γ‚‘γƒ³γ‚­γƒΌδΊˆε‚™ζ ‘

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Shoujo
Published: 2000
Status: πŸ“– Ongoing
Ranked: #41,299
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Comedy, Romance

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A collection of oneshots.

Story 1: Funky Prep School
Kobayashi fails to get into her college of choice and decides to take a study course to overcome this failure. There, she meets the man of her dreams, and a man with an afro. How is the study camp going to help her out?
Story 2: An SM Chick Girlfriend
Story 3: Thrust it in More
Story 4: The Hula Dancer of Flames
Story 5:
Story 6: He's a Latin Type
Story 7: The Hage Family
Story 8: My Dear Next-Door Neighbor
Story 9: Dress-up Doll Boyfriend