Chouhatsu - Denkou Sekka Boys

Chouhatsu - Denkou Sekka Boys

Chouhatsu - Denkou Sekka Boys

Thunderbolt Boys: Excite, Urimasu!, Waru Amai Mitsu, 挑発 電光石火BOYS, 挑発~電光石火BOYS~

Origination: Manga Japanese
Artists: Tohjoh Asami
Authors: Tohjoh Asami
Published: 2004
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📗 Completed
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Kodaka Natsui, a naturally beautiful young boy, and a drop-dead gorgeous rich kid named Ritsu Yasaka both work as models.
One day, their agency requires both boys to attend an overnight retreat. Kodaka decides he wants to become a man worthy of Ritsu, so he begins to undergo training under Ritsu's more salacious ways than one! When he finds out what's going on, Ritsu can no longer suppress his overwhelming desire.

Side stories in volume 2:

  • Waru Amai Mitsu
    A police officer is attacked by a pervert in the middle of his very important assignment guarding the high-school student son of a politician.

  • Urimasu!
    Tsubasa doesn't like studying and can't hold down a job, but he still wants to wear cool clothes and live in a designer apartment. So, to accomplish that he decides to sell himself to men for "one night only". And he wont go "all the way" with them either!

    Note: The overall story is unfinished because the mangaka passed away.

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