Bull to Arukeba

Bull to Arukeba

Bull to Arukeba

Bull And Walks, ブルと歩けば...

Origination: Manga Japanese
Artists: Kano Shiuko
Authors: Kano Shiuko
Published: 1999
Status: 📗 Completed
Translation Status: 📖 Ongoing
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1-4: Bull And Walks
An innocent boy whose Bull Terrier brings him way too much action... The irritating dog humps any dogs regardless of gender, and bites people indiscriminately. In the end, all the alpha males will request for compensation...

5: Project R
The senior of an office rat is going back to the countryside to inherit the family business. Both decide to take that one last trip together.

6: GET!
A man likes a waitress working in a club and he tries to confess to her, but the manager is an obstacle to his efforts. The man agrees to the manager's term in order to get an appointment with the hostess, but what could the condition be?

7: Shouta-kun And Matsuchiyo-kun
The student Matsuchiyo is bored because he was forced to separate with his lover. His cousin, Shouta, likes him, but petite boys are not his cup of tea. However, a strange guy with a gorgeous body appears and he cannot resist the temptation...