Blue Glass

Blue Glass
Cиний лазурит, Pureun Yuri, 蓝色琉璃, 藍色琉璃, 青い 硝子 瑠璃, 푸른유리

Origination: Manhwa
Demographic: Shoujo
Published: 2015
Status: Hiatus
Ranked: #3,424
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Oh Ji-Hye


Oh Ji-Hye

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You may know the story of Princess of Nakrang, but behind the scenes of the ancient Nakrang Kingdom's royal palace, unfolds the story of a different princess. The youngest princess of the Nakrang Kingdom, Seol is determined to pursue a different life from her sister Ran, who by unlucky fate, was persecuted by her father and brothers. The slave boy she rescued Miru, the odd-eyed Jamalta, and the one we know very well… The three men are in her fate.