Burattodea, Блаттода, ブラトデア -BLATTODEA-

Origination: Manga
Authors: Murata Shinya
Published: 2020
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #3,074 (followed by 6,466 users another source)
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Alice Fujii still isn't having much fun. She survived an assault of psychotic bug-themed assassins at her school, but all the battles, the truth behind her family, the two betrayals from false friends who ended up dead and the loss of her Kumoito knife-gun took a toll on her mental state. As such, she spends her days alone splitting open the heads of the rapist zombies who overran Japan since the aforementioned incident. The Organization wants to hire her as their new Boss, and elsewhere her allies Gokiburi and Kabutomushi are looking for her. What will become of all this?

French / Français
Suite du manga Arachnid. Alice Fujii ne s'amuse toujours pas beaucoup. Elle a survécu à une agression d'assassins dans son école, mais toutes ces batailles, la vérité derrière sa famille, les deux trahisons de ses faux amis qui sont désormais morts et la perte de son Kumoito ont des répercutions sur son état mental. Ainsi, elle passe ses journées seule à fendre la tête des zombies violeurs qui envahissent le Japon depuis l'incident. L'Organisation veut l'embaucher comme son nouveau Boss, et ailleurs ses alliés Gokiburi et Kabutomushi la recherchent.


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