Binbou Reijou no Kanchigai Seijo Den

Binbou Reijou no Kanchigai Seijo Den
Binbō Reijō no Kanchigai Seijo Den, 貧乏令嬢の勘違い聖女伝 ~お金のために努力してたら、王族ハーレムが出来ていました!?~, Bimbo Reijo No Kanchigai Seijo Den Okane No Tame Ni Doryoku Shitetara Ozoku Harem Ga Dekiteimashita!?, Misunderstanding of the poor daughter Saint Lady ~If you worked hard for money, you could have a royal harem!?~

Origination: Manga
Demographic: Josei
Published: 2021
Status: 📖 Ongoing
Ranked: #4,166
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Even though I'm a Baron's daughter, I have to become an adventurer??
On my journey to make money in order to get our barony out of poverty, I died in a dungeon…wait a minute, was I reborn?!?!?
Everything is happening exactly as I remember it did.
This time, I won't let our family become poor! I promise we will always have food on the table, and that I will grow up and marry into a rich family!
Wait, father needs treatment for an illness?! The town is going through an epidemic?! What is going on? Why did I become an adventurer again?!?!?!?