A Fox Girl Fell From the Sky

A Fox Girl Fell From the Sky
天上掉下个狐妹妹, 天上掉下個狐妹妹

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"Liu Quanyou’s father was an exorcist from a small mountain village who got into some trouble when he was dealing with a spirit. Combining that with his grandfather owing a blood debt when he was young, Liu Quanyou had been cursed by a spirit since he was a kid. He would not be able to live past 23. Not wanting to let his child walk down this path, his father started to teach him some exorcism techniques. Since Liu Quanyou had the natural ability to see spirits, a lot of talent, and had inherited a special scroll from his father, the fox deity grandpa that died saving him left him with his granddaughter, Qianqian. She was to become his fiancée, being raised along with him and was given the new name, Liu Jie. The fox demon Liu Jie was powerful, she followed Liu Quanyu, who managed to get into a university, to the city and begin their path of exorcism. At the same time, they had to find a way to break his curse, they only had three years left.